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1 or more libraries?

I just read this

“Now wishing I had separated documents and emails from the get go”

As a first-time user and just starting, what are the best tips to get going?

Do I just put everything in one library from the start?
Should I have one library for work stuff and one for home stuff one for emails?
Do I drag every existing document in or do I just start putting documents from here on in into Eaglefiler?


(Currently I just have everything in folders in the Finder and I use Quicksilver to find my documents. I have about 30,000 documents indexed in Quicksilver. If Quicksilver doesn’t find it I use ‘Yep!’)


I’m sorry that you haven’t gotten a reply about this yet. I was hoping someone would chime because, as with your other thread, I don’t have a clear answer for you. I think it really comes down to:

  • Personal preference. Do you like to dump everything together and find it later with search? Or create an organized structure first and file everything in its place as it goes in?
  • What you plan to use EagleFiler for. Will you often browse/search work/home stuff together or separately? Does it matter if they are stored/backed up/synced together?
  • Is your work such that particular projects get finished and then put aside? Or is it more an ongoing stream of files and e-mails?

There are multiple ways to organize things, all valid. You can always combine or split libraries later. There are several threads about the libraries that people are using.