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2 IMAP Accounts, only one in rule (outlook 2011)



MBP Retina late 2013
OSX = 10.9
Outlook 2011 = 14.3.9
SpamSieve = 2.9.11


Having two IMAP accounts, but when trying to create the Set Category rule, then only one of the two IMAP accounts can be seen/found.

How can I fix this little problem, before I start to use my third IMAP account.

Thanks Steen

Could you post a screenshot showing what you see when trying to select the accounts in your rule?

Sure and thanks for quick response…

From the attached you can see to the far left I have four accounts, all of them are IMAP.
But only the two of them appear (hanlop + hansen-lopez).


SpamSieve 01 SH.jpg

Not sure why, but after I took the screenshot I closed and restarted outlook four or five times, did a rebuild of the DB, and then the two other IMAP accounts were there.
See attached screenshot.

Cheers Steen

SpamSieve 02 SH.jpg

Great—it looks like you’re all set now.