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A few questions/suggestions


I’ve looked at many of this kind of app - Yojimbo, Devonthink and Journler among them. When I first heard about EagleFiler I wondered what was the point of another one joining the crowd. But the more I use it, the more I like so much about it.

Keeping the original files is a great idea. I feel much more comfortable with this system rather than dumping things into a database where you’re not clear where things are. It would be nice if, when adding an existing file to Eaglefiler, the original could be removed. It isn’t a big deal, but it would make housekeeping easier to not question whether you’ve removed the original or whether you’ve already added something to EF.

I’m still wrestling over how to use tags vs. folders. In OSX I currently add tags to the Spotlight Comments section of a file’s info and then use Smartfolders to group together files with specific tags. I can slice and dice things to get my data organized in a way that works well for me. I’m finding the tags a little awkward to use. I could see things getting out of hand on the left folder panel if I added too many tags. Subfolders under the Tags folder would help to organize things. Adding the tags to the Spotlight Comments would be awesome.

I usually use Firefox so I miss out on some of the handy features like ‘f1’ to quickly grab a page. It isn’t much more work to drag the url to the icon on the Dock to add a webarchive. I also like to grab text snippets and drop them on the icon to add them to the library. What would be really nice would be to have the url from the text snippet added to the end of the file. There are several program that do this, Evernote on the PC side of things does it. It’s nice to have the link to the original source.

Another question I have is about upgrades. What is the upgrade policy for EF? I thought I read that upgrades were free, but I haven’t been able to find that again. Do you charge for upgrades? Thanks.

I still have two weeks before the demo expires, I’m going to purchase before then. I’m hoping that EF will end up on Maczot or Macupdate/promo before my two weeks are up. :wink: If not, I’ll be purchasing it.

I’m looking forward to seeing this app evolve even though it’s a great program already! Thanks.

I will consider adding an option for that, but I think the current behavior is what most people expect, since that’s how iTunes, iPhoto, etc. behave.

Yes, I’m planning a variety of tag improvements.

I don’t think that would be possible because the browser doesn’t include the URL with the drag.

The policy is that all the 1.x updates will be free. 2.0 might be a paid upgrade; if so, it will be discounted at least 50% for people who bought 1.x, and free for people who bought 1.x recently. But that’s pretty far off. The plan for the forseeable future is to do lots of 1.x updates.

That’s what I figured.

Most of the stuff I grab from the web is text, most of the graphics is superfluous and does nothing put take up space. What may work for me is to save the html and import that file. I’ll get the meat of the page without the extra graphic files.

Sounds very fair, thanks for responding.

Actually, you do not need to miss out on ‘f1’ capture with Firefox. See the capture script I just posted.

EagleFiler 1.1 lets you organize tags into a hierarchy in the source list, and it has built-in support for capturing from Firefox.

As of version 1.1.1, EagleFiler will store the URL when dragging text from a WebKit-based browser.