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a few questions

Hi Michael,

I’ve been evaluating EagleFiler and thinking of buying it… howerver I have a few questions first

  1. is there a way to have multiple libraries open in a single window?
  2. I’ve noticed that eaglefinder opens .txt files in textedit, even that my system wide settings are to open .txt’s in TextMate, any idea about that?
  3. I am planning on using eaglefiler to keep files I want to archive in one place, and that includes some projects - such as git repositiories I am working on… I’ve noticed that if I add a new file manually to the library I have to run the Library check… to have eaglefiler detect it… is there a way to automate the process of detecting new files via applescript? if so how would one do that? Or is my approach completely wrong and I should do this somehow else.

The git repositiories are rather small in size and contain pure text (source code) files, so no binaries are kept there.



How do you know that your system is set to use TextMate? EagleFiler just uses the system settings (i.e. it lets the OS pick the opening application), so to me that indicates that it’s probably set to TextEdit for these types of files. You can change the setting via EagleFiler’s Always Open With command.

EagleFiler will automatically do a Scan for New Files each time you open the library. You could also automate it by periodically running an AppleScript such as:

tell application "EagleFiler"
    tell library document 1
        scan for new files
    end tell
end tell

However, one caveat to doing this automatically is that you must be sure that the files are not in an intermediate copy state when the scan is run.

thanks for that Michael…

another question at hand…

each time I drop the files across to EF… they are tagged with some unread (or similar tag - cant remember and not in front of that workstation now)… is there a way to disable this behaviour or disable tagging completely? If there is, can you think of any good reasons why it should not be disabled?


You can entirely ignore tagging if you want. I find the “unread” tag very useful for tracking which files have already been “dealt with,” but if you’re welcome to turn off the MarkNewRecordsAsUnread esoteric preference.

thanks again, and I guess this brings us to my last question…

I have a habit of dragging and dropping files on the app icon in the dock… ie. dropping a .pdf file on the mail.app icon if I want to create a new mail with the pdf attached.

Is it possible to have EF file the file I drop onto its icon in the dock to a specific folder? It seems to land in the top library directory right under records. I’ve got a folder called Inbox and would want it to end up there automagically, possible?

EagleFiler treats the top level as a sort of inbox (“Unfiled”). To pick a different folder, hold down the Option key when you drop.