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A small feature request: reactivate last library

Oh, man. You know, I saw EagleFiler come across my newsreader at some point, and for whatever reason I didn’t give it a moment’s thought. I’m glad that it came across my newsreader AGAIN, because it is exactly what I have been looking for. I’ve been jumping around among Journler, DEVONthink, and Yojimbo; this has them all beat.

My request is this: might it be possible for EagleFiler to load the most recently opened library when you click on the dock icon, or have the option to do so? I keep clicking on the dock and wondering what’s gone wrong.

Oh, and a quick question, too: Lazily, I copied the .app and library folder from one machine to another. Now, the new machine has a problem with webarchives. Double clicked, they work fine, but they don’t show up in the viewer pane if I click on them in the list view. Curiously, they DO show up if I drag them from the list to the pane. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the app!

I’m working on some enhancements along those lines.

I haven’t heard of that before. Could you send the the ~/Library/Logs/EagleFiler folder to eaglefiler@c-command.com so that I can see if it’s encountering some kind of internal error?

EagleFiler 1.1 remembers the open libraries between launches, and it also lets you access recently opened libraries from the Dock menu.