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adding a new block rule, no indications of spam flagged?

I have been adding (by training as spam) a lot of rules for spam and I see the rule added to the black list. However there is no indication of any “hits” on the rule even for rules that are broad enough to catch future spams. The corpus is showing a 98% accuracy rating which is obviously annoying. Does anyone have any tips for sliding accuracy and the above issue?

Is this a general thought, or have you received specific messages that you think should have matched these rules but that were not caught as spam?

Are the rules enabled (checked)?

Another reason that blocklist rules might not be working is if a filter with higher priority says that the messages are good.

This is what I am currently seeing, a 20% spam rate. Any thoughts on how to improve the 98% accuracy? Spam is coming in every 5 minutes and SS is not learning from the new ones even though they are very similar.

Filtered Mail
548 Good Messages
141 Spam Messages (20%)
0 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
10 False Positives
4 False Negatives (29%)
98.0% Correct

77 Good Messages
296 Spam Messages (79%)
46289 Total Words

2065 Blocklist Rules
1648 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
1/19/10 1:51 PM

According to the statistics that you posted, only 4 spam messages have gotten through in the last year. However, your tone seems to indicate that it’s a bigger problem than that. So it sounds like either the statistics are wrong (a damaged database file, perhaps) or your mail program is set up such that it’s hiding most of the incoming messages from SpamSieve. Either way, I recommend starting by following the instructions on the Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? page.

That is the truth! I will be looking at this later today thanks for the tips.

Now at the present time it is moving all messages into the junk folder. The Entourage rules are placed in the Mail (Exchange) set of rules and look exactly as they appear in the Help section.

Even the good ones? Actually, the advice in Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? still applies. Whenever something doesn’t seem to be working properly, you need to look at the log to establish whether SpamSieve is making the wrong decisions about the messages or whether the messages are being moved to the wrong place for a reason other than SpamSieve.