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addresses in my address prompt Entourage

Entourage 2008 which is what I have just upgraded to from OSX version has a nice little address prompt which comes up with address suggestions when you open a new mail and start typing in the address panel.
Problem is that since using Spam Sieve I am finding all the junk mail addresses ( 146 so far ) have their address left in the prompt window and I don’t want this to happen.

  1. How can i stop this happening

  2. What is the quick way to remove all unwanted addresses from this panel.

In the past I had to type the address in the Proper address book then delete it!! I am not looking forward to doing this 146 times +

Help please if you can


Unfortunately, Entourage automatically adds addresses to the recent list, and it doesn’t remove them when SpamSieve tells it that the message is junk or when you manually mark the message as junk.

The size of the recent address list is fixed, and eventually the addresses that you don’t use will automatically be removed as the list is filled with the ones that you do use.

To remove an individual address from the recent list, you can Control-click on it and choose “Add to Address Book.” Then delete it from the address book.

To remove all the addresses from the list, you can open Entourage’s Preferences window, select Compose from the list, and click the “Clear List” button.

To prevent Entourage from adding addresses to the recent list, go to the preferences and uncheck “Display a list of recently used addresses when addressing messages.” (Entourage will still suggest addresses using your address book.)