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How can I stop getting Adriana21 emails. I get them daily. I have marked them spam over and over. I even set up various mail rules but they don’t work.

Anyone have ideas?


First, please check the setup in your e-mail program. If you aren’t able to find the problem, please follow the instructions on this page for “If you have spam messages in your inbox.”


I followed all the steps-- even creating a new rule, moving marking spam back in my inbox. Everything worked as expected.

But Adriana21 emails are still showing up, not marked spam, in my inbox. Also, when I mark it as spam, it turns the message gray but never moves it. Other spam messages are working fine and ending up in my Spam folder for me to delete manually.

Any ideas?

Please follow the instructions on this page to e-mail in the additional information that I will need in order to help you.

Mountain Lion
SpamSieve 2.9.7
Apple Mail
I get my email on my MacPro and iOS devices.
I am only using SpamSieve on my Mac Pro.

What email address should I use to send my log file?

Please use spamsieve-fn@c-command.com.

Thanks for sending the log file. I don’t see any references to “Adriana21”. Where in the messages are you seeing this?

Secondly, the messages that you’re training as spam were not ones that Mail had asked SpamSieve to filter. This usually means that something isn’t set up properly in the mail program. Please send in your Apple Mail rules so that I can check them. Also, please send in an error report.

Another reason that Mail might not ask SpamSieve to filter the messages is if you had a server-side filter that moved them to another mailbox (though it sounds like you said they’re in the inbox), or if you had marked them as read on another device before the Mac saw them.