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Airmail is whitelisting spam

Using SpamSieve (2.9.39) with Airmail (4.1 (618)) on macOS 10.15.5. In the past few weeks, Airmail is causing SpamSieve to whitelist almost all messages from political parties (begging for money, crazies with outlandish positions, etc.). Normally I get none of this, and even when I mark it as Spam in Airmail it gets whitelisted.

Very possibly I’m doing something wrong.


Could you explain why you think that Airmail is causing this? Please read the Spammy Whitelist Rules section of the manual and see whether you think that applies in your case.

Because my mail client is Airmail and I do not use other mail clients. Is that false reasoning?

Anyway, go ahead and close this thread. I’ll find another way to handle it.

It’s not clear to me that there even is a problem here, which is why I wanted you to read that help section. If there are spammy whitelist rules but they are disabled, that’s fine. If there are spammy whitelist rules that are enabled, the most likely cause is that there are spam messages getting through to your inbox that you are deleting or ignoring rather than training as spam. It’s also possible that you are training them as spam, but that an Airmail malfunction is preventing SpamSieve from seeing that you did that. But this should be easy to detect because when you train the message as spam you can look at the bottom of SpamSieve’s log and see if you get a “Trained: Spam (Manual)” log entry for that message.