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Almost everything is going into Spam folder since upgrade

Since upgrading to 2.8/2.8.1 80% of my emails are being put into the Spam folder…I’ve been using SS for a long time and haven’t reset the whitelist or the preferences or anything else like that.

No other reports like that, so I’m guessing there’s a configuration issue on your Mac. You can use the Open Log command to see whether the messages are going to the spam folder because SpamSieve thought they were spam or for some other reason (e.g. a rule in your mail client or on your server). The What information should I include when I report a problem? page describes how to send more information and screenshots to technical support if you need further assistance.

I looked inside the Log and I noticed that the most recent message is from four days ago (which is when I probably updated to 2.8); iow SS doesn’t seem to be working maybe. Can you give me any advice on this?

or should i send in an error report with the log and configuration etc.


P.S. I’ve also noticed that emails from the same URLs keep getting marked as spam although I’m moving the previous ones to the Inbox (which takes the place of marking them as Good yes?) But if SS isn’t working I guess this might be a problem with Mail and its filters…

Please make sure that Mail’s built-in junk mail filter is disabled, that your SpamSieve rule is called “SpamSieve”, and that you have no other rules that move messages to the Spam mailbox.

Moving the message is not equivalent; you must use the “SpamSieve - Train as Good” command. If you have not been doing that, you’ll need to reset SpamSieve’s corpus and re-train. (This is probably unrelated to the original problem that you mentioned, though.)

Mail’s filter is not enabled and I don’t have any other rules that I’m aware of at work.

That command no longer appears since the update, I thought that was one of the features (I skimmed something which I thought said you incorporated it into the move to Inbox command I’ll doublecheck it.)

P.S. I just opened SS to check it out and I got that message about an app being downloaded from the Internet and do I really want to open it? (as if it had never been opened before) could you do me a favor and reply to this thread so I get an email to check if it’s working now? there doesn’t have to be any content just something so i get some mail

also i just installed SS for Apple Mail, I think it may have not been automatically activated like usually happens with updates

no worries i think SS just wasn’t installed/activated (just got an email and it didn’t get thrown into spam)

will post back if problems continue but looks like ok for now

thanks for help

If you don’t see the SpamSieve commands in Mail’s Message menu, that means the plug-in isn’t loaded. Choosing Install Apple Mail Plug-In may help. Or you could open the Console application and check for errors in the All Messages section.