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Alternative to sorting by color/flags?

I’ve been having a bit of frustration since jumping to the beta of El Cap. I’m also running the latest beta of SpamSieve.

The problem is that Mail no longer sorts messages by Color or Flags. There is still an option in Mail to sort by Flags, but even if that option is selected, Mail still doesn’t sort by Flags. Does anyone have any ideas for creating rules that still use SpamSieve to evaluate the spamminess of messages, but which sorts them by some other criteria? I would like to keep all the spam messages in one folder.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I’ll add that the folder to which my Spamsieve messages go is Trash/On My Mac. It is that folder that I can’t sort the messages by flags. I just tried out sorting by flags in a different folder, and everything worked ok. I’m still in need of an elegant work around, though.

I’ve been putting my spam in that folder for years. I do it that way because once I delete them, they are gone from my system. If I move the spam to the “spam” folder as is described in the Spamsieve instructions, once those messages are deleted, they go to the “trash” folder. That makes browsing the Trash folder impossibly cumbersome.

It sounds like you’d like the Apple Mail - Discard Spam script, which deletes the contents of the Spam mailbox directly.

I endorse that script; it provides a wonderful improvement to workflow regarding spam. And as I had reported in a much earlier thread: In the Installation Instructions for that script, you learn about installing the free FastScripts so you can assign a keyboard shortcut to run that script. (I chose Control-Delete.)

So for me, it’s a click on the Spam mailbox icon to see the listing of what e-mails have been put there; a quick and easy review of that listing (and “Train as Good” any very-rare-for-me false-positive e-mails); and then a Control-Delete to completely delete the spam. Simple and fast.


Thanks, folks.
I’ll think about adopting that script.