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Alternatives to Option-F-1 (keyboard best practices)

I’ve got one of the keyboards where f1 diminishes brightness, and f7, etc. are very useful media keys.

I use EF all the time, so am constantly pressingly the awkward Option-Fn-1.

Is there a way to reprogram just the F1 key (or F1 and F2) while leaving the others alone?

My understanding is that if you choose an F-key that doesn’t have a media function (such as F16) you don’t have to press fn.

Or you could check the “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” option and then press fn to get to the media keys.

Another option would be to choose a non F-key for EagleFiler. For example, Control-Option-Command-E can be typed with one hand.

This preference pane does exactly what you want:

Hope this helps,