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Anyone else having trouble on a Retina Mac?

I was recently forced to switch to a Macbook Pro retina display, and EF stopped working soon after. I can start the program up fine, but the minute I try to open a library, or even create a new library, it goes to “Not responding.” I have to Force Quit.

If I reboot my whole computer, I can sometimes get it to run - until the next time I have to quit the program for some reason. Even this only works occasionally.I just upgraded to OS 10.8.1 and then 10.8.2 = no change.

Normally EF is pretty bullet-proof. Is anyone else having similar troubles? Suggestions?

UPDATE: I may be running into conflicts with one of my startup programs, such as Growl. When I start as a Guest User, it works fine. Needless to say, I will keep testing.

I’ve been running EagleFiler on a Retina Mac for a few months now, and it seems to be normal. Please follow the instructions here to record a “sample” using Activity Monitor. Hopefully that will show why it is not responding for you.