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AOL Spam mail

I apologize if I don’t know all the correct technical terms. I tried reading through the forum to see if this has been answered yet and didn’t see anything.

Just started using SpamSieve…what a great thing!

It seems to be working except on mail that comes into Apple Mail, and into my AOL accounts. It looks like AOL sends the spam directly to a spam folder. When I try to tell SpamSieve that it’s junk and to move it to the SPAM folder, it does nothing.

Am I doing something wrong?

SpamSieve, like other Mail rules, operates on new messages that arrive in the inbox. Messages that the mail server pre-sorts into other mailboxes are not eligible for filtering. In this case, it seems unnecessary to run those messages through SpamSieve, anyway, since they’re already in a spam folder. How about just ignoring them?

What are you doing to tell SpamSieve that it’s junk? In any case, I recommend training SpamSieve only with the mistakes. If these messages were caught as spam by AOL and not filtered through SpamSieve, you shouldn’t train it with them.

I see.

Maybe I’m just anal about it, but I’d rather have all my SPAM go into one folder. I have about 8 email accounts in my mail program. We all know that emails that end up in Spam folders are not always Spam, so I do have to go through each and every one of them to make sure that something isn’t a good email. That’s a lot of Spam folders. If all the Spam ended up in one, all I’d have to look through is the one folder instead of 9 (including the SPAM folder).

Further, it really bugs me seeing the “unread” numeral next to each of the Spam folders. Ignoring them would make that number increase all the time. I’d have 9 folders of that as well. I like to glance down the list and see where I need to read emails and having 9 of them seems ridiculous when SpamSieve technically seems like it would be able to handle all spam in all folders.


Well, if you really want to do that, you could set the SpamSieve rule in Mail to put its spam into the AOL spam mailbox.

Another option would be to setup a smart mailbox that shows the messages in all your spam mailboxes, and use that when you want to check for good messages.

Or perhaps there’s a way to turn off AOL’s spam filter, so you could just use SpamSieve to handle all the spam.