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Apple Mail - move to next message after designating spam

SpamSieve works great at learning and detecting spam. However, when I used Apple Mail’s Junk filter, it would automatically move to the next unread message after I designated an email as junk.

When I use SpamSieve to do this (Cmd-Ctrl-S), the message is sent to the spam folder, but the next unread message is not automatically selected. I’m forced to select the next message using my mouse, which is inefficient and unproductive.

Is there a way around this?

Sorry, but there’s not.

I hope you’ll consider this for future development, Michael.


If Mail changes in such a way that this becomes possible, I’ll certainly look into it.

Select next message after train as spam
Hello. I have the same desire: after I process a message with “Train as Spam” I would like to have the next message selected. Is this now possible? Both MsgFiler and MailActOn accomplish this and it would be great to see it in SpamSieve, too.
Thank you,

Those plug-ins patch into Mail to do that. With the SpamSieve training commands, and I am trying to use Mail’s supported AppleScript interface.