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Apple Mail Rule won't install

I installed SpamSieve two days ago and have been dutifully marking spam as such according to the Message/SpamSieve - Train as Spam menu item. But the same exact spam keeps showing up in my Inbox. I re-read the manual and it says that Apple Mail should have a rule installed when I ran the SpamSieve/Install Apple Mail Plug-in menu item (I did). But no rule appears in Apple Mail’s rules having to do with SpamSieve. Can this be configured manually? If so, what do I put? I am using SpamSieve 2.7.1 on Mac 10.5.3.

I have tried reinstalling SpamSieve twice and no luck, it’s the same every time. No rule appears.

The rule must be configured manually. Please see the instructions. Step 1 is installing the plug-in. Step 3 is creating the rule.

I’ve configured it manually (on initial installation). But the rule doesn’t “remember.” Causes me some difficulty, to say the least. I reinstalled SpamSieve and it doesn’t work.

My friend is an Apple Tech, she has tried to help me, but no go.

I’ll keep trying…

What do you mean by that? Are you saying that you create the rule, but after quitting and re-launching Mail it’s gone?

Do you have .Mac syncing enabled?

Yes, my friend took over and reinstalled Mail from the installation DVD (not sure how), and now the rule stays when I quit and relaunch. It looks like there was something wrong with Mail, as I couldn’t create any rules at all before.