Apple Mail will no longer open

This AM, Apple Mail locked up, requiring a forced quit. Several attempts to restart it all resuted in the beach ball, mandating a forced quit every time. Rebooted my M1 Macbook Pro but the issue remained. Suspecting SpamSieve (3.0.2) as the cause, I quit it, but - of course - every time I tried to restart Mail, SpamSieve was automatically restarted too and Mail would lock up again. I finally disabled “spam filtering in Apple Mail” in SS. Thereafter, Mail works fine, proving that the issue was, indeed, SS. So while the Mail problem is solved, I have lost the ability to automatically filter spam. Has anyone else seen this and, if so, do you know of a fix (short of a formal bug-fix update to SS)?

This might be caused by a Mail bug where it’s unable to handle AppleScript commands while using a Mail extension. You could try unchecking the SpamSieve extension in Mail’s settings:

but leaving Enable spam filtering using Mail extension checked in SpamSieve’s settings:

(SpamSieve will still be able to filter your mail using other means.) If that helps, great. If not, please record samples of Mail and SpamSieve during the hang so that we can see what’s causing it.

That seems to have addressed the issue Michael; thanks!

There’s a change in SpamSieve 3.0.3b1 that should work around the macOS bug that can cause this problem.

this fix worked for me as well

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