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AppleScript Error

I keep getting the error message Microsoft Entourage got an error: AppleEvent timed out. (line 1) Very frustrating that I can’t get the software capture working.

What are you doing before you press the capture key?

Which version of Mac OS X are you using?

Which version of EagleFiler are you using?

Which version of Entourage are you using?

Hi there, I keep getting the same problem too - I’m trying to import around 7000 emails from entourage into Eagle Filer. I’m using Eagle Filer 1.4.14 and OSx 10.6.2.

I addition, if I try to export a folder with subfolders, I get a message saying that there’s nothing to capture even though the sub folders have heaps of emails in them.

What did you select in Entourage? Does it work with fewer messages?

Do you mean import? It doesn’t matter whether there are subfolders. EagleFiler imports the selected messages or the messages (directly) in the selected mailbox.

I’ve tried selecting the folder on the left hand side in the folder list and I’ve also tried selecting the emails (using select all) and capturing them from there. I get the same result each time.

As for your second question. Yes, I mean import.I would like to be able to select a parent folder and have the sub-folders also imported but it seems I can’t it may be related to the problem above.

It’s really important that I can import large quantities of emails as I’m trying to archive years worth of emails with Eagle Filer, but also transfer a large number of them to Mac Mail and ditch Entourage. For that reason I’m reticent to start trying to import smaller batches.



Are you saying that you haven’t tried smaller batches? I still think it would be a good idea to try that, to help find where the problem is. Please try rebuilding your Entourage database. If that doesn’t help, please contact me via e-mail so that I can look at this more closely.

EagleFiler imports what you’ve selected. You cannot select a parent and have the subfolders’ messages imported because you’ve selected neither the subfolder nor the messages in the subfolder.

You can, however, create a Mail View in Entourage that shows the messages from multiple folders. Then you can select and import them all at once. (EagleFiler will remember which folders they came from.)

How many messages do you have, total?

For that reason I’m reticent to start trying to import smaller batches.

Just create a new library for testing the import.