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Archiving Usenet messages

Apart from e-mail an mbox can contain Usenet posts. EF imports those without problems but doesn’t show the Newsgroups: header, so they look like mails with no recipient.

Please e-mail me a sample mbox file, and I’ll see what I can do.

EagleFiler 1.3 shows the newsgroups in the To line, if there’s no To header in the message.

Thanks for adding this. Unfortunately it doesn’t work…

When viewing source I see a line like “Newsgroups: de.comp.sys.mac.misc” and no To:, but EF shows only subject, from, and date.

Do I have to rebuild any indexes?

This only takes effect for mailboxes that were imported after updating to EagleFiler 1.3. To force a rebuild of a mailbox table of contents, quit EagleFiler and then open the Indexes folder inside of the .eflibrary package. Then delete the appropriate .efmailtoc file. You can find the number of a given mailbox by hovering over its icon in EagleFiler’s Info inspector.