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Are you seeing a sudden increase in uncaught spam?

During the 5 years I’ve been using SpamSieve, it’s done a fabulous job, diverting hundreds of messages a day to the Spam folder. Handling the 4 or 5 it didn’t catch each day has been no problem.

But starting a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been using the Train as Spam keyboard shortcut on 10 to 20 messages a day. There are a handful of common themes of this new, uncaught spam:

  • Find a lawyer
  • Get a dental implant
  • Buy an SUV
  • Get alcohol treatment
  • Get a VOIP phone
  • Earn a degree online

Often these message will arrive in groups of 2 to 5 similar messages with different senders and slightly different subject lines.

Are others seeing a similar increase in uncaught spam?

– Ward

I have not seen an increase in reports of uncaught spam. I suggest that you check your setup and, if that doesn’t fix the problem, send in a report via e-mail so that I can take a closer look.

I came here to post the exact same thing. SpamSieve has been nearly flawless for years but suddenly it seems to be missing 10-20 emails daily. Similar to Ward, it just started this behavior a few weeks ago. Not sure if that timing is relevant to any updates from Command-C or Apple.

I’ve rechecked my setup (per the very helpful steps provided in the help section), made sure software was up to date, and have been keeping an eye on the log but not seeing anything that stands out as an issue.

Please send in a report so that I can take a look. (I never received one from Ward, so hopefully he fixed things himself.)

I did not receive a report from pherplexed, so hopefully the problem is resolved.