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Associative groups of tags

The added value of tags over other forms of classification seems to be that they help with associative classification of records. But the current list-like display of tags in the records window does not help much with remembering associations. When I tag a record with X I’d like to remember that I’d previously also tagged X-records with Y and Z. But often I don’t remember at the time I assign tags (normally when adding a record to the library).

I know that it is possible to arrange tags hierarchically but I’m not certain what effect this has on assignment of tags or on searching.

Is there some way EF can help with associative tagging? By suggesting associations from the database?

At present, EagleFiler only suggests tags using prefixes (auto-completion). However, I’m open to ideas for interfaces that would use other means for suggesting tags.

In my experience, the interface is something that developers like to keep under their control, so I’ll duck that one. Except to say that

  1. The solution used by Leap (a small HUD window with ‘suggestions’ as well as ‘default’ tags) might be one way to do it, and

  2. Tag ‘clouds’ are often too cluttered to be really helpful in making a choice. The typical method of displaying ‘weight’ in the cloud by font size and weight is ugly and not easy to read in my view

Just as important as interface, to me, is functionality. I’d really like the associative function to work by presenting a group of tags – after the user enters the first tag – that are most commonly associated with that tag in the database. That function would be helpful however it was presented.

Thank you.

Maybe one could implement a tag browser as here in Notae, looks great. The tag browser shows the combination the tags were used in and links relevant notes