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ATT mail servers & Yahoo Plus?

In the manual, I read:

“2.1 Requirements:
If you use Yahoo Mail, you need to upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus in order to access your account outside of a Web browser.”

My email arrives to me through att.net – which uses pop.att.yahoo.com as the incoming mail server and smtp.att.yahoo.com as the outgoing mail server.

Will SpamSieve still work as is, with ATT using the yahoo mail servers? Or do I need to fool with Yahoo Plus in one way or another?


You need to be using one of the mail programs listed here in order to use SpamSieve. In order to do this with Yahoo, they require that you subscribe to Yahoo Mail Plus. If you can enter pop.att.yahoo.com as the mail server in Apple Mail and get your mail that way, then you do not need Yahoo Mail Plus.

Yes, I am using pop.att.yahoo.com as the mail server in Apple Mail. So that’s good news: no Yahoo Plus required.

Thanks so much for your quick reply – and for making SpamSieve Lion-compatible.