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Auto update mail?

First post. Just purchased EagleFiler after finally dumping Soho Notes (too slow).

I searched the forums but can’t find if there’s a way to have this product auto update a Mail folder. IOW, I archive the mail folder, as new items are added, is there a way to have new items automatically imported?

I see that the product is smart enough to deal with duplicates but with 900 emails, its a slow process. I’d prefer a way that only newer emails update. TIA.

No, importing mail is a manual process. EagleFiler imports exactly the messages you’ve selected. You can, however, use a smart mailbox to help you find the messages that you wish to import.

How do you mean? Importing 900 e-mails from Mail should take just a matter of seconds.

I recommend deleting the messages from Mail after importing them to EagleFiler. That will ensure that you don’t have any duplicates. Perhaps a future version of EagleFiler will provide more options.

That would be a truly awesome feature. Thanks.