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Automator Action extract .dmg files specified folder

Is it possible for the DropDMG Automator action Expand Disk Image to expand the files to the folder containing the .dmg instead of creating a new folder? Even better would be an option to expand the .dmg to a specified folder. I’m new to Automator and don’t know anything about AppleScript but is the source code available for the Expand or Create image action? Maybe there is something I could get customized for my particular needs.

No, but perhaps you could use “Get Folder Contents” and “Move Finder Items” to achieve that.

The source for Expand is in the .action package. The Create action is written in Objective-C, and its source is not available.

Thanks for quick response
Your suggestion on using the actions worked great. I didn’t realize the Create Disk action is the product of your work. Hopefully, I didn’t offend.

Keep up the good work.