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Best Practices for linking documents/files

I am evaluating EagleFiler as a replacement for Journler.

I primarily used Journler to keep track of receipts from orders and files needed for meetings.

For example, if I made a purchase at Amazon, I would “print” the receipt as a pdf directly to Journler. Then, when I got e-mails from Amazon about that order, I could attach those e-mails to the entry in Journler that was created when I imported the pdf into Journler.

Similarly, If I received or created documents that would be needed at a particular meeting, I attached them all to the same entry in Journler. I added notes to that entry before and during the meeting.

EagleFiler works differently, of course. Unless I’ve missed something, there’s not a way to directly link an e-mail to a pdf or websnapshot. So what’s the best way to connect them? Through the judicious use of tags? Through some other process?

You could put them in the same folder or link from one to the other by dragging and dropping into the Notes field in the Info inspector.

Thank you for such a quick response. The folders option will work well for the way I organize things for meetings. Not so well for purchases, I think, but linking in the inspector is one option. I may also just try better tagging.

One thing I like better in EagleFiler than Journler in this regard is that I have the ability to specify the title of the entry when importing via the Services menu. Something that was not possible in Journler. This fact along means that linking between e-mails and pdfs of the same purchase is not as big a deal.