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Best Workflow: Folders vs Libraries?


Is it better to organize things by multiple libraries or by many folders within one library?

I suppose I can always change over from one to the other method if I change my mind, right?


It really depends on your data and whether it divides cleanly into groups. Will you be using the same tags throughout? Will you often want to search all the records at once? If so, one library is probably better. If there’s a natural separation (personal/work, different projects, etc.), you may prefer multiple libraries.

Yes, you can drag and drop from one library to another.

I started out with several small libraries, one for each project. That didn’t work very well.

So I moved everything into one huge library. That hasn’t worked, either.

I’m in the process of breaking things out into areas of responsibility and a few project-specific libraries. I think the best is something somewhere in between.

Like Michael said, it is best to think about how you’ll be searching and sorting through the files you’ll keep in your library/ies. Put together the stuff that you’ll want to see together.

Work with it for a while and you’ll find the best workflow for you. EagleFiler is awesome because you can drag and drop between libraries to your heart’s content and not lose any of your tags and notes. Nothing’s permanent, so you can reorganize as necessary.