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block my email address that is modified

I am receiving a number of spam messages that are taking my email and modifying. For example, it takes "myemailaddress@domain.com" and sends from "myemailaddressxyz@domain.com". The addition to my email address, “xyz” in this example, changes each time. Even after I have identified my email in the Apple Contacts the addition to the end is getting through. So I thought I could use regex to check “myemailaddress” plus anything after the name and the “@” sign. Seemed simple enough. But so far I have not figured out the correct regex.

Any help would be very much appreciated!


First, if obvious spam messages are getting through, I recommend reading the Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam? page. Usually this is a sign that something is not set up properly, not that you need to dive into regexes.

That said, you could certainly create a blocklist rule to match these addresses. Maybe something like:


However, it sounds like the real problem is that your domain is configured to use a catch-all address. In other words, you have it set to accept mail sent to invalid addresses. It’s best if you can configure it to only accept messages sent to your actual addresses. Then you won’t even have to download those spams.

re: block my email address that is modified
So I continue to be amazed at how you 1) keep SpamSieve up-to-date and 2) manage to follow up to all the post in the forum! Pretty impressive!

I’ll check the set up “Why is SpanSieve not catching my spam?” first.

Thanks, stan

re: block my email address that is modified
You were right (although you already knew that I suspect).

After re-reading the referenced page, I have determined that somehow these messages are being marked as “junk” before they get to my Mac. I have two addresses in this domain (muscogeelodge.org), only one either gets spoofed or gets put into Junk.

Thanks again for you help; and Thanks again for SpamSieve!