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Blocking hate / threats email

Several journalists and media broadcasters I know are constantly being attacked via email. These attacks include threats and the usual hate nonsense. They generate a new email address per attack.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the effectiveness of Spamsieve in detecting and blocking these emails? I am experimenting with my own account but wanted to ask … Well, the experts.

My thanks

The changing e-mail addresses shouldn’t make much difference. SpamSieve can learn to recognize the content of the messages, which it sounds like have a predictable character.


Thanks, Michael. It works like a champ for me. Mind you - I don’t get (much) hate email!


Oddly - spamsieve does not act on emails with specific words in them. They are on my blocked list.
For example, an email that says “you are a c*nt” (with full proper spelling) always gets into the inbox.

In cases like that, you should use the Open Log command to see what SpamSieve thought about the message. For example, it will let through a message matching the whitelist or Contacts (if you have enabled those options) even if it matches the blocklist.

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