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Bug Report: EF hangs on delete

Ok, so, messing around with the best way to do something, I imported two web archives of the same page from Omniweb about a minute apart. I deleted one, then decided to actually drag the relevant text over, since I didn’t want all the sidebar and comments stuff. (I know people have asked you if you could still populate the From field on a text drag, but you said that’s impossible, right?)

I then saw that there was still another copy of that previous web archive, so I selected both the web archives (one in the Library folder, one in the Trash) and pressed ‘delete’ again. EF hung with the ‘edit’ menu hilighted. Here’s a screenshot for illustration:



I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem on my Mac. If it happens again, please open Activity Monitor, select EagleFiler, and choose Sample Process. Then save the sample to a file and send it to me. This will tell me what it was doing during the hang.

By the way, if you expand the “Additional Options” section, you can upload images directly to the forum instead of using ImageShack.