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Can EagleFiler automatically pick up new Entourage mail?

Are there hooks from Entourage 2004 to EagleFlier such that new messages messages that arrive into Entourage could be automatically copied into EagleFiler? And does EagleFiler have filters such that new stuff brought in could be sorted into particular folders and tagged based on content such as email subject line?

I suppose anything’s possible via scripting, but this is not really the workflow that EagleFiler was designed for. The usual use pattern is to periodically import whole mailboxes from the mail program.

No. You can always re-arrange the messages using tag sources (or searches), but in general it’s best to organize your messages into mailboxes before archiving them into EagleFiler.

Periodic archiving
Thank you for your prompt reply. What I’m trying to accomplish is to keep the Entourage database from getting too big. Would this make sense as a workflow:

  1. Import an Entourage mail folder into Eaglefiler. The messages go into a folder in Eaglefiler and are tagged.

  2. Delete the older messages from the mailbox in Entourage

  3. Next month, re-import the mailbox into Eaglefiler. This relies on Eaglefiler rejecting duplicated messages.

  4. Again, delete the older messages from Entourage.

  5. To see the older messages, the mail user uses Eaglefiler. Since the Eaglefiler folder is a Finder folder, there’s no limit on how many messages and attachments it can hold.

Am I understanding this right? Thanks again.

Yes, this is what I recommend. However, please note that EagleFiler rejects duplicate files but not duplicate messages. In Step 2 you should delete all the messages from the mailbox. (Or else move just the old messages to a separate mailbox and import that mailbox into EagleFiler.)

Right, although it really has nothing to do with Finder folders, since EagleFiler stores messages as mbox files.