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can I drag folders/files between libraries?

Now that everything is going into EF that once sat in my computer folders, I am finding files are easier to see and flaws in my previous organization of files.

So, my question is, can I drag folders/files back and forth between different libraries, in order to better organize my files?


Sorry, that’s not possible yet, but I’m planning to add it soon.

So the best way to do that would be…
So the best way to do that would be export from one library and import to the other?
Do you know how long it will be before the dragging will be added.
I have no idea on the programming involved, so I am wondering if I should just wait for the update. ;o)


Right. Or, rather than exporting, it might be easier to find the files/folders using the Finder and drag them into the other library’s EagleFiler window. This will not preserve the tags/notes. For that, you would need to write an AppleScript or wait until EagleFiler supports inter-library dragging.

I don’t know when it will be, exactly, but I’m planning to add it in version 1.2. If you send me an e-mail reminder, I’ll get you access to a beta version of this feature when it’s ready so that you don’t have to wait until the entire 1.2 update is done.

tried moving files
I tried dragging files from one library to the other.
It was very easy but the new library does not see the files.
I erased the Records.efindex file and it still doesn’t see the files.


What do you mean by that, exactly? Did you drag between two EagleFiler windows, or between two Finder windows, or one of each? You should only move/delete files from within EagleFiler, not directly using the Finder, because if you go around EagleFiler it won’t know what changes you made.

Opps, Finder windows.
Now I guess I need to remove them from the EF finder window and import?

Can I drag between EF Libraries now?

thank you for replying so quickly!


Yes, it would be best if you could undo what you did in the Finder. You can use EagleFiler’s Verify command to make sure that all the files are where EagleFiler expects them to be. Then you can import to copy the files from one library to another.

Not yet. I’m working on it.

Can I drag between EF Libraries now?
Not yet. I’m working on it.

That is Wonderful!

I initially planned on putting all of my files into one library, but this slowed EF down too much.

So, I plan to have one Main Library to import files. Once a week I will drag items intended for future reference into their storage libraries.

I’ll keep active items/projects in the main download library.

The ability to drag will help tremendously!

drag files between libraries…
Is this option ready yet?
I need it bad.

E-mail me, and I’ll send you a pre-release version that implements this feature.

switching between libraries?
Is there an easy way to switch among libraries, when several are open? In the Window menu there are command keys for standard windows (eg Activity Viewer), but it’s necessary to go to the menu to switch libraries. A small point, but many programs do this. Even just the ability to jump among libraries in sequence would be useful (like Tabbing in the Finder).

thanks, and of course when 1.2 comes out this will be less important.

I’m not sure what you mean about tabbing, but the standard Mac OS X “Cycle Through Windows” command (Command-`) works in EagleFiler. Or you could use Exposé.

Yes, as of EagleFiler 1.2.