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Can I use my email host's "Bulk Mail" folder instead of "Spam" folder?


I’m setting up SpamSieve to filter my IMAP mail account. This account already has a “Bulk Mail” folder, which is the Spam folder in their vernacular.

I would like to have SpamSieve use this “Bulk Mail” folder for spam, instead of me creating another folder on the server called “Spam”.

Is this possible? I can change the filter I created in Apple Mail to point to the “Bulk Mail” folder, but I think this only part of the solution.



You can change the SpamSieve rule in Apple Mail to control where SpamSieve moves incoming messages that it thinks are spam. To control where SpamSieve moves messages that you train as spam, use the Change Settings command.

Thanks for the reply Michael. I never used that particular option under Messages before.