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Can SpamSieve do this?

I have been using SpamSieve since 2014.

I use it on one Mac that is handling my and my wife’s email. It is now running on a Mac Mini M1.

If it can already do this please let me know…

Some messages are clearly spam and should be immediately tossed into the Spam folder.

I would like another class that would get tossed after say four weeks of age. This could ads from vendors we use or just useful emails that we don’t want tossed immediately, but after aging a bit.

Is their some way to do this?


That’s not something SpamSieve can do. You could perhaps create a mailbox named Delete Later and then move such messages there (either using a rule or manually after you read them). Then you could have a smart mailbox that says:

match all of the following conditions:
Message is in mailbox Delete Later
Date received is not in the last 4 weeks

It would then be easy to go to the smart mailbox and bulk delete the aged messages.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I appreciate your efforts.

This is something that Sanebox excels at.