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Cannot keep my washington post

Suddenly Spamsieve is marking my washingtonpost email as spam. I keep training it as good, but it continues to mark it as spam. Any idea of what to do?

Since this happened suddenly and training doesn’t help, it’s quite possible that SpamSieve isn’t what’s marking these messages as spam. Please open SpamSieve’s log and see if there are any “Predicted: Spam” entries for these e-mails. If there are, what do they say for the “Reason”? That will tell why SpamSieve thought the messages were spam.

If it says “Predicted: Good,” then SpamSieve thought the message was not spam, and you would need to check the rules in your mail client to see which one moved the messages to the spam folder. Likewise if there are no “Predicted:” entries for those messages, except in that case there’s a setup problem that’s preventing SpamSieve from analyzing your incoming mail.

Also, at the very least, training the messages as good should have created a rule on SpamSieve’s whitelist that matches the washingtonpost sender. Do you see such a rule? Is it enabled (checked)?

I am using Apple’s mail and, turned the junk filter off as required by Spamsieve. I checked the rules and those are set per Spamsieve’s instructions.

From Dec 05 through March 06 I find all washingtonpost marked as Predicted: Good (4) with one newsletter marked as Predicted: Good (1)

Then in June 06 it lists as Predicted: Good (5) once. July Good (27) once, then on August 6, 06 Prediction starts as Spam (96), then sam one “good manual”, next “false positive” and so it goes:
Spam 96, 73,74, auto, good manual, false positive, then a couple of good (0) and back to Spam 96 etc,

However, the washingtonpost special newsletters still come through as good.

Does any of this help?

Yes, that helps, but I’d like some more information. Please send your log file to spamsieve@c-command.com so that I can see exactly what happened.