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Cannot open mail.app email

Using EF 1.4, double-clicking any email does not open the email (into Mail.app). Nothing happens at all.

It looks like EagleFiler 1.4 introduced a bug causing this to no longer work on Mac OS X 10.4. Is that what you’re using?

Yes, 10.4.11

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.4.1.

Thanks for the fix. However, I thought I was able to move individual emails from a container to another container in a prior version.

I have a folder named “norse mail”. Under that folder I have a mail container named “norse” in EF.

In Mail, I selected several individual emails and F1. From the destination window, I selected the folder “norse mail”.

After EF copied the emails, they were stored in a mail container named “norse-1”. I then select-all emails in “norse-1” and dragged to container “norse” but it would not allow it. I was able to drag to the folder “norse mail”.

I’m pretty sure that I was able to drag email from the new container (norse-1) to container “norse” and then delete the empty container “norse-1” in a prior version.

I hope you can follow the above.


Please IGNORE what I said. I figured it out. I will place my email into folders instead of a “container”. This way I could search via spotlight.

Just to be clear: what you are calling a “container” EagleFiler calls a “mailbox.” You can move messages into folders but not into mailboxes.