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Cannot reassign tag info of Record occasionally

I live with EagleFiler library (17500 items, 16.7GB, 164MB .eflibrary) comfortably.

Today, I noticed that I cannot change or reassign tag info of some Records (web archives) via Info window. Reassignment affects no change of tag for those Records. I also find [Damaged].folder inside [my.eflibrary] - [Indexes].

Though this may happen only for my wrong action (1.4.14, OSX 10.5.8), is there any possibility for such a behavior in EagleFiler?
If yes, what kind my action may cause this?
Now, I reopen them via their URL, reimport, and assign tag again (and move original ones to Trash folder).


The “Damaged” folder refers to EagleFiler’s search indexes. If it detects a bad index file, it moves away the bad file and rebuilds a new one. This is not related to tagging.

Please e-mail me your log file:


so that I can look into the tagging issue.

Thank you for quick reply and your analysis.

I cannot encounter the same ‘tag-frozen’ phenomena until now.

As you kindly suggest, this may happen due to complicated coupling between EagleFiler and other applications occasionally.

Anyway, I will continue to watch the next similar happening.

best regards,