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cant find a menu - frustrating

In the installation directions for Outlook 2011 mac, section 3.8 paragraph 4 subsection 4 it says:
“Click on the menu that says Set Category and select Run AppleScript…”

Where in the heck is “Set Category” menu? In the outlook menu? SpamSieve menu? Where. Why is this not clearer in the directions. There is no screen shot like the rest of the steps.


It’s a pop-up menu in the rule sheet, just below where it says “Do the following.” Please see the screenshot in the updated Setting Up Outlook instructions.

OK, got it. Thank you.

Now that I have that done and completed i did some training on SPAM but only about 50 emails. i did some training on GOOD emails about 350. So far, it has not caught one email that was spam. Am I doing something wrong?


Well, you have not followed the training instructions, which say:

The messages should be approximately 65% spam.…]It is better to use fewer messages in the initial training (i.e. not use all your saved mail) than to deviate from the recommended percentage.

However, this is probably not the reason that it failed to catch any messages. Please see the Checking the Outlook Setup page.

Got it now thank you. I misread the instructions. Thought the second part was for a MAPI account. I didnt realize there were two rules for each type of account.

So now it all seems to be working and actually identifying that the emails are spam by coloring them grey. But they are still in the INBOX and not being moved to the Junk E-mail folder. See images to see my setting sand what my email box looks like.

UPDATE: I think I found the problem. The rule that moves the category to a different folder was set to not move anything unless BOTH conditions were met instead of EITHER condition needs to be met.

Your “SpamSieve - Move Messages” rule needs to say “If any conditions” instead of “If all conditions.”