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Can't import un-PDF'd files

I just bought unPDF, by Docudesk, to help make dealing with pdf’s easier. It converts them to word, with formatting intact. But I am unable to import these word files into EF.

unPDF creates .doc files, but even if I convert those to .docx, EF rejects them.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there technical problem (and solution?) here?


What does “rejects” mean? EagleFiler will import any type of file, even if it doesn’t know what it is.

EF rejecting file
It turns out there was something wrong with the library, not the file type. (I was getting the message “Eaglefiler cannot import XX.” Then there was a more ominous error message that said the library couldn’t be saved, with some kind of cocoa error. It fixed itself when I quit the program and restarted.)