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Can't Uninstall

Please help.

I uninstalled SpamSeive using the instructions in it’s help menu but it still seems to be sending good emails to my “Junk” folder. Yes, my junk mail protection is off. There are no other junk mail programs installed on my Mac and I’m using Entourage.

I guess I didn’t train it very well but it was constantly sending good emails to my junk folder and keeping spam in the main inbox, I got tired of trying to train it and just went with an online service instead.

As we discussed via e-mail, you’ve disabled Entourage’s built-in Junk Mail Filter, you’ve uninstalled SpamSieve itself, and you have no rules, Mailing List Manager rules, or schedules. So SpamSieve’s not responsible for moving these good messages to the Junk folder, and whatever is responsible was probably causing some of the problems you observed before. Unfortunately, I’m out of ideas, except to suggest some longshots:

  1. Update from Entourage 11.2.3 to 11.2.5.
  2. Hold down the Option key when launching Entourage and ask it to rebuild its database.
  3. Check for any other utilities or scripts on your Mac that might be interacting with Entoruage.