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Capture and Secure Sites

Is there a way of capturing from a browser when signed into a secure site? It is not working for me, and I guess it’s not supposed to, but it would be nice.

Most of the time, what I want to save is a payment confirmation presented when I make an online payment, but I get the same behavior when I try to archive a page on any site requiring a login, like Remember the Milk.

Just in case it SHOULD work, here’s what’s happening.

When I try to capture from a site I am logged into, the resulting capture is of the sign-in page as if I am visiting the site without having signed in first. This happens regardless of wether I use the capture key or a bookmarklet, and happens in both Firefox and Safari.

There’s an easy workaround (using print-to-pdf saved into the import folder), but getting rid of the extra step would be nice. Could it be done, or does an https connection means you can’t program around it.

Not by pressing the capture key. This has been discussed in several other threads. You can, however, save a Web archive or use “Save PDF to EagleFiler” with the “To Import” folder.

EagleFiler works fine with https. The problem is if you’re viewing a page that depends on session state (e.g. temporary cookies) that’s confined to your browser.