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Capture Email text from Mailsmith


I have a strange problem. Here is what I am doing:

  1. Select text and copy in an email message in Mailsmith
  2. Choose F1 to capture (Same result using capture with options)
  3. Eaglefiler says there is nothing in the clipboard even though I can see the clipping in the clipboard and past it into other programs
  4. Dragging the clipping into the Eaglefiler drop pad works fine

Any ideas?



EagleFiler’s capture feature works on selected messages, not on selected text. To import the selected text you can use the EagleFiler: Import command in the Services menu (Command-% or Command-Option-%).

Ah, that is just how it works. That is helpful. I see that the service has a keyboard shortcut.

How do I tell which import approach will work for which program?



The service will operate on the selected text, files, or URL in any program that supports Mac OS X services. This should be just about all of them these days. You can tell by whether the command is visible in the Services menu.

The capture key works in applications that EagleFiler specifically supports. This requires that the application support AppleScript and that a capture script has been written. The full list is here, and you can also see in the Drop Pad whether the current application works with capture.

The capture key is generally for importing “bigger” items. For example, to import the selected text from Mail or Safari you would use the service. Pressing the capture key would import the selected messages or the current Web page (no matter what’s selected).

The capture key is also useful for importing items from other applications without having to first export them. EagleFiler will pull out as much metadata (flags, tags, notes, dates, labels, etc.) as possible and preserve them, whereas in most cases this information would be lost if you used the application’s own export feature.

Much thanks,