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Capture from browser always gives the details from last import

When I capture something via Alt+F1 for tagging it directly while importing I get always the details for the last import. I would like that the newly imported item gets directly the filename and title according to the browser tab I am importing (like when I am capturing via F1).
Anything I can do about that?

It’s a feature that Capture With Options remembers the details between captures. This is so that you don’t have to keep entering the same information when importing a bunch of related items. But perhaps you’re right that it shouldn’t remember the title. For now, you can click Reset to clear all the fields, or just delete the title to have it set automatically from the page title in the browser.

Not remembering the title would be quite useful because even when you import several items at once I can’t really imagine a case where you want always the same title.
But good to know that an unfilled title will get automatically filled with the title from the imported page.

In fact I got bitten by this recently: I had set the title to import a couple things, and I realized after a while that everything I had imported had the same title (and I had to change it manually).

I know I should have checked better what was filled, but I’m usually concentrating on the destination folder. Maybe a visual highlight that the title is set could be useful.

This is how it works in EagleFiler 1.3.3.