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Capture From Preview

Will there be F1 support for Preview in a future version? This would cover most of my files.


Since Preview is not scriptable, you cannot use EagleFiler’s capture key with it unless you employ this workaround. Another option would be to use Skim as your PDF viewer.

Thanks, Michael. I’m just getting started with AppleScript. How do I “attach” the script you posted to Preview so that it sticks, or do I have to run the script each time I start Preview or need to capture an image file?


You have to run the “defaults” command once. This is the part that is not supported—it may not work, or it may cause problems with Preview.

Then save the compiled script in the folder:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/EagleFiler/Capture Scripts/

It should be named “com.apple.Preview.scpt”. You never need to run the script directly. EagleFiler will run it when you press F1 while in Preview.

Thanks, much.

Not only does it work, but now in EagleFiler, when I double click the image that was saved into the library from Preview with F1, the file is actually opened in Photoshop, which is the default application for that file type but unsupported by EagleFiler! Same for PDF’s and Adobe Reader.

This is better than I even hoped!


The capture script for Preview is built into EagleFiler 1.4. If you’re installed the script mentioned above, you should delete it and use the built-in one.

I just downloaded EagleFiler today. This workaround does not seem to work in Snow Leopard. Perhaps I am doing something wrong?


On Snow Leopard I needed to do:

sudo defaults write /Applications/Preview.app/Contents/Info NSAppleScriptEnabled -bool YES
sudo chmod a+r /Applications/Preview.app/Contents/Info.plist

Thanks Mike. That took care of it.