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Capture Hotkey not working


I set my capture hotkey to F5 and option F5. It used to work fine, but now I can’t get it to work. Yesterday I went to EF preferences and reset the hotkey (I deleted F5 and then retyped it). That made it work for the day. But today it doesn’t work again.

In system prefs I made sure that under the keyboard shortcuts F5 is unchecked, so it’s not assigned to anything else.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?



I’m not aware of any bugs related to the capture key, so my guess is that there’s a conflict with some other software. Do you have any macro or automation utilities installed? Any other applications that might be using F5? Unfortunately, the Keyboard pane in System Preferences does not show which keys other applications are using.

I suggest that you change the key to something else that’s less likely to be used by another application and see whether that helps.

Well, apparently Macjournal (which I installed after EF) overrode Eaglefiler in the use of the F5 key. When I disabled the hotkey in EF and hit F5 a quick entry dialog for Macjournal popped up. So, you were right, it was another app interfering. I switched EF to F6 and I’ll just hope other apps that I add to my Mac don’t interfere with that one.