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Capture Individual Messages?

F8 is my capture key (because F1 was used in Mellel). I am using Leopard and Mail (Mail.app in the vernacular).

Although the capture key works for Firefox pages, pdf files, and Mail mailboxes, it does not seem to work for individual or groups of Mail messages. I hear the “click” of capture, but I cannot find the message anywhere. Is this a feature, a bug, or something I am doing? I CAN move a given message over by dragging it with a mouse.

When you press the capture key in Mail, if only a mailbox is selected, EagleFiler will import it. If messages are selected, then a mailbox will also be selected, so EagleFiler will ask whether you want to import the messages or the mailbox. Is it not doing that for you?

Capturing a single message
That is correct. If I select a single message, hit F8, and hear the click, I then get a query about whether I want the foldder of the messages. I click messages, but nothing seems to happen. Or, if it happens, the message is put somewhere other than the open EagleFiler library.

Did you check “Recently Added” for a new file named after the mailbox? If you still don’t see it, please send me your log file:


Issue Fixed
Michael addressed the problem, which was the result of the particular mail-system file structure in my company’s environment.

The problem was caused by a bug that’s fixed in EagleFiler 1.3.5.