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Capturing a calendar entry

If I drag a calendar entry from OSX calendar to EagleFiler, the resulting record is an icon. If I try to click on it, the calendar software is launched and tries to create a new entry.

Ideally, the record resulting from capturing a calendar entry will display the entry, not just show the icon. If I am to click on the EF record with the Calendar entry, I would expect the entry to open, rather than a new one to be generated.



On my Mac it does show the calendar entry information. Are you ending up with a .ics file in EagleFiler? If so, could you post a ZIP archive of one of the files that doesn’t display properly?

I don’t think that’s possible given the way Calendar works.

Okay, maybe I was looking somewhere else. I do see the calendar data. And too bad about not being able to open the original record.