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Catalina Rules Working Only Sometimes

Michael, thanks for summarizing the potential fixes. I had already tried #1 and #2 would take some time, but it appears that #3 fixed the problem for me. At least the first few gmail messages are behaving properly (e.g. moving out of inbox). I am hopeful that this is the fix and will report back here.

@Michael_Tsai I can confirm that the fix from yesterday is indeed a fix, everything is working as expected again. Thank you for your great support on this!

Great, thank you so much for confirming.

I just tried all of the steps outlined by Michael, and this is still not working for me. It is a Google email account, but under my own domain name. It’s almost getting to be more trouble than it is worth. Please fix this issue so we don’t need to depend on dodgy work-arounds.

Helplessly screwed

Please send in a diagnostic report so I can see what’s happening on your Mac.

I’ve heard from some users that macOS 10.15.4 fixes this bug.