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Catalina, Script Editor Icon not displaying

Michael, Im a long-time user and devoted fan of EagleFiler. Recently, and regrettably I’m not exactly sure when, or why, I’m unable to delete duplicate messages from my archive because, it seems, the Script Editor Icon isn’t displayed in the menu bar. I’ve selected it to be displayed in Script Editor settings, I’ve used it countless times to run this same script. I cant find it and I don’t have the savvy to run the script without running it from the menu bar icon?

Any thoughts about the absence of the script editor icon? Any workarounds come to mind? This isn’t urgent by any means. I’m only looking to return that functionality back.

Also, does the “Omit from Archive” functionality still work as advertised when archiving marked emails from bulk archiving?

Thank you,


There are instructions here for showing the system Script menu.

Yes, when importing from Outlook, EagleFiler still skips messages that have the category OmitFromArchive.


My apologies, I’ve followed the instructions for showing the system script menu and that is the conundrum, it cant be found in the menu bar.? The script is installed according to instructions. I’m running a: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2020, Four Thunderbolt 3 ports) with Catalina 10.15.6. Would you advise that I call AppleCare?

Thanks for the note about the OmitFrom Archive functionality.


Are you using a menu bar utility such as Bartender that can hide certain icons?

Michael, I do typically use Bartender 3 but have “Quit Bartender” while troubleshooting this.

If you’d like to send in some screenshots of the menu bar and the Script Editor preferences, I can take a look and make sure there’s no obvious explanation. Otherwise, if for some reason the system Script menu is broken on your Mac, short of reinstalling macOS, one option would be to use FastScripts instead.

Michael, I’ve attached a pdf file including the images you seek. additionally I’ve included an image of the script installation. I’ll check out FastScripts immediately. There has been some (albeit limited) discussion online about script issues in Catalina;Images for M Tsai EagleFiler Script questions Jul 21 2020.pdf (1.9 MB) just as an FYI.

Thanks for your help!


Yeah, I don’t see the Script icon there, and it does look like there would be space for it.

Michael, for what it’s worth, FastScripts works perfectly for this functionality. Thanks for your help!


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