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Changing file names to match title in EF window

When I change the name of an entry in the EF window, it does not change the filename on the hdd – so, when I export the files, the names do not correspond to the new changes. Regrettably, there are now several hundred entries whose backup file (the export file) has incorrect or useless filenames.

Is there a script which is the exact opposite of the “file to name” script, i.e. one that will change the filename (on the hdd) to match the name shown in the EF window?

It will if you change the “File” in EagleFIler rather than the “Title.”

There’s the Title to Filename script.

Thank you, that is helpful

That does exactly the opposite of what I need, i.e. it “changes Title” to match File. I’ve been editing the “Title” field, so I need to “change FILENAME” to match TITLE.
Can this be done via a simple edit of the Applescript? (I confess to being totally ignorant about scripts.)

That’s what Title to Filename does:

Suppose that you’ve added a descriptive title to a record and you want to change the filename to match. This script sets the filename to the title…

Michael, my apologies; I saw the ‘other’ file (filename to title), and missed this one. Yes, it works fine and does what I need. Many thanks.