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Changing folder icons...

I’m interested in changing EF’s default folder icons within EF (not how they appear in Finder). I’ve been able to change, for example, the library image icon but it looks like the Folder/Smart Folder images are unchangeable. Is that true or am I missing something?


EagleFiler uses the standard system icons for folders and smart folders, so there are no image files for them inside the EagleFiler.app package.

Folder icons can be changed
Michael Tsai

There is a workaround.
1- import the folders if not imported earlier
2- close EagleFiler
3- search for the folder(s)
4- replace the icon(s) in the Finder or use Micon (http://micon.toomac.net/en)
5- re-open EagleFiler and look at the changed icon(s)

This will change the icons of existing folders, but it will not change the default icons for new folders. Also, it will change them within both EagleFiler and the Finder, which doesn’t seem to be what the original poster wanted.